Finding a good deal with a body shop isn’t always about price.

How Auto Body Shops Work
boise autobody repairAn auto body shop bases the cost of your repairs on two different things…parts and labor.
In the US, labor costs range from about $40-90 per hour, depending on your area of the country. Even within your town, you may find a range of labor costs. Finding an auto repair shop with lower labor costs is one way to save on the price of your repair, but it shouldn’t be the only think that you consider.
An experienced mechanic, with much training is able to command a higher price for their higher level of knowledge. A less experienced (and thus cheaper) mechanic may not properly fix your car. It may seem that the cost of parts should be pretty standard across the board, but this isn’t always the case. Some shops may mark up the cost of the part. For example, you may find that a necessary fluid, such as oil, may cost twice as much from the auto mechanic as it would if you bought it yourself.
It’s important to take both things into consideration when you decide which auto repair shop to go to. Shop around for the best deal, but also keep in mind the quality of service that you are receiving for your money. The best deal may not be in the cheapest quote. Sometimes the best deal may cost you a few hundred dollars more but the piece of mind may be worth it.